Welcome to Leander’s Best Body Shop

Welcome to H&R, an independent car collision repair facility that services all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUV’s. The owner works full-time at the shop, maintaining supervision over each individual repair. There are no “corporate headquarters” and your repair is given a personal touch. H&R has provided a high level of customer satisfaction in the Leander/Cedar Park community for over 25 years. We are asking you to put your trust in us.

Is H&R on my insurance company’s preferred list?
H&R limits its participation in most direct repair programs. Our experience has been that we have more success with negotiating full factory recommended repairs with insurers if they are not able to limit costs and procedures because of a contract with them to do so. Our goal is not to impress insurers by reducing their claims payouts. The integrity of the shop is a primary concern.

Why is my estimate at H&R higher than another estimate I have received?
Shops today use standard computerized estimating guides for car estimates, so a properly documented preliminary estimate should reflect an honest cost. Our prices are not inflated. The reason for discrepancies between estimates can be many. Be sure to ask why there are differences. Once you become informed, you will see why H&R is a body shop where you can place your trust.

If H&R’s estimate is higher than the insurance company estimate or another shop’s estimate, will I have to pay more than my deductible?
No. You are only responsible for your deductible. H&R Auto Body is capable of receiving reasonable payment for collision repairs from the insurance company and is not forced to collect additional fees from customers on insurance claims.

Does H&R warranty repairs?
H&R Auto Body provides customers with a warranty protecting their interests. Some insurance companies say they can warranty your vehicle if you use one of their listed shops. In reality, it is the shop that is accepting liability for the quality and safety of the vehicle repair. This is one of the main reasons that H&R limits its participation in direct repair or preferred insurer programs. Our legal obligation is to the vehicle owner.

Your repair service at H&R will be exceptional. The insurance company is required to accommodate your claim at the shop of your choice.

We are servicing Leander, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill, Round Rock, Georgetown, and other surrounding areas with top-notch collision repair.

Visit our Consumer Information pages for the reasons that will make H&R your collision decision.