How can I get a repair estimate?
Call your insurance company about getting an estimate, so you can take it to the shop of your choice to begin repairs. Insurance companies have different means for getting an estimate to their customers; in person inspections or digital photos on their apps. Since H&R is not on any insurer direct repair programs, we do not write the initial estimate for the insurance company. They should provide you with an insurance estimate. We will process supplements with the insurer; meaning we will supplement the insurer for additional necessary costs that are missed on the first estimate.

Is H&R on my insurance company’s preferred list?
H&R limits its participation in most direct repair programs. Our experience has been that we have more success with negotiating full factory recommended repairs with insurers if they are not able to limit costs and procedures because of a contract with them to do so. Our goal is not to impress insurers by reducing their claims payouts. The integrity of the shop is a primary concern.

If H&R’s estimate is higher than the insurance company, will I have to pay more than my deductible?
Possibly. If your insurer denies paying the cost for original manufacturer equipment / parts, you may have to pay the additional cost to get the quality parts. We will inform you if the insurer is limiting their payout to aftermarket parts and let you know how the costs will affect you.

Who is responsible for the guarantee of workmanship and safety of my automobile repairs – the insurance company or the repair shop?
The repair shop and in limited circumstances your insurance company…Your insurance company is not accepting the liability for the quality and safety of your vehicle’s repair. Therefore, you and you alone must control the fate of your vehicle’s repair by choosing a proper collision repair facility that is adequately trained and equipped to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. You have the legal right and authority to do so.

Who is responsible for payment to the repair shop – the insurance company or me?
You are… Your car insurance policy states that your insurance company will pay for the damages to your vehicle, less the deductible amount. You may instruct your insurance company to pay directly to the car collision repair shop of your choice, however, full payment must be arranged prior to your vehicle being picked up.

Safety, Quality, and Cost of repairs:
The standard measure of damages is the “reasonable” cost of necessary repairs. Therefore, select a repair facility that understands its obligations to you – its customer – and exercise caution when someone tells you that the repairs can be performed “cheaper” somewhere else. Keep in mind, as the owner, you have the right to choose the repair methods best suited to restore your vehicle.